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Strengthening families and developing literacy skills through shared reading

The research is clear – when families are meaningfully involved, childrens’ academic achievement improves.

Our evidence-based and award winning programs are affordable, easy to implement and scientifically-grounded. We offer support every step of the way to ensure that the program meets your needs.

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Our approach is rooted in research

Each of our programs can be used on its own, but to most fully support children and families and build strong school-family engagement, we recommend implementing all three.

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When you join the network of national Affiliates, you will receive our support every step of the way. Together, we will help children become kindergarten ready and 3rd grade reading level proficient.

Raising a Reader supports a national network of Affiliate Program Partners from educational, nonprofit and community organizations across the United States.

First, let’s start a conversation and learn more about your needs, answer your questions and work together to bring Raising a Reader to your community.

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Together we will think about success for your organization:

  • How will Raising a Reader support your agency’s goals for family engagement, school readiness, early literacy, family bonding, etc.?
  • How many children do you hope to reach in year 1? In subsequent years?
  • What age ranges will the program serve?
  • Through which agency will Raising a Reader operate?
  • Do you have the needed financial and program resources?
  • How can the local public library become a partner?

  • You have spoken with a Raising a Reader staff member.
  • You understand what the Raising a Reader program is all about.
  • You have developed your plan and budget.

You are now ready to spread the joy of book sharing to families in your community. We look forward to welcoming you to our Affiliate network!