Thank You, Mr. Falker

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this title with your child! 

Thank You, Mr. Falker is appropriate for school age children.

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Thank You, Mr. Falker tells the story of a little girl who’s life is changed due to a wonderful teacher. Trisha can’t wait to learn how to read! She loves listening to her mother and brother read stories to her and is so excited for when she will be able to share the stories as well. But as she grows older and enters each new grade, the words and numbers never seem to make any sense to her. It isn’t until the 5th grade, when young Trisha meets Mr. Falker, that she is given the extra help and understanding she so desperately needs. This story is founded in the author’s own life and experiences with dyslexia; Patricia Polacco is Trisha and her life was changed forever by the caring and understanding of Mr. Falker who is proof that a good teacher can change a child’s life forever.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Summarizing:
Thank You, Mr. Falker is a great story to practice summarizing. After you read the story, ask your child to tell you what happened. Have them tell you who the characters were and where the story takes place. Then ask them to fill in the story with the events that happen, doing their best to keep the events in the correct order.

Do this with your child:
After reading Thank You, Mr. Falker ask your child why they think that Trisha is thankful for her teacher. Make a list of reasons why the author may have wanted to thank this special teacher. Then talk to your child about a person in their own life that they are thankful for. Once they decide on that person, help them write a thank you note and send it to them!

If you’re interested in sharing Thank You, Mr. Falker with your child you can find it from Philomel, an imprent of Penguin Random House here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more inspiring tales.

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