Te Amo I Love You

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun title with your child! 

Te Amo I Love You is appropriate for children age 2-8.

Te Amo I Love You is a charming bilingual book celebrating the love between a parent and a child. The darling illustrations depict a variety of animals telling their young things that they love about each other. Calee M. Lee and Tricia Tharp capture the beautiful bond between parent and child that transcends all species.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Making Connections:
As you read Te Amo I Love You ask you child to try to make connections using the text and pictures. They will be using what they already know to become further involved with the reading. How does the text connect to them? How can they make connections between the text and other stories they’ve read? And can they make connections between the text and the world around them? Has your child ever made a pillow fort; have they read any other stories that have shooting stars; have they ever watched a dog enjoying a bone? All these things will get your child more invested in the story as they think of ways they can relate it to their own self and their experiences.

Do this with your child:
February is a month full of promoting love and friendship. Te Amo I Love You is full of different ways that a parent describes their love. Make a list with your child of ways that you love each other. Pick one item from your list and draw a picture to go along with that depiction.

If you’re interested in sharing Te Amo I Love You with your child you can find it from Xist Publishing here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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