Tacky and the Winter Games

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun title with your child! 

Tacky and the Winter Games is appropriate for children age 3-8.

Tacky the Penguin is a bit of a misfit among his fellow penguins. He never seems to do things quite like his friends. The same is true in Tacky and the Winter Games from author Helen Lester and illustrator Lynn Munsinger. The penguins from Nice Icy Land travel to compete in the winter games with Tacky in tow. He may not have the most conventional approach to the games but read to find out how Tacky helps get his team into first place in Tacky and the Winter Games.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Sequencing:
As you read Tacky and the Winter Games talk with your child, making a point to emphasize what the penguins are doing now. Once you have finished the story, practice sequencing, putting the stories events in order. Did the penguins of Nice Icy Land march to the games before they trained? Was the bobsled race before or after the relay race? If your child needs prompting, let them look through the pages to infer from the pictures in the story.

Do this with your child:
Tacky does some silly things in Tacky and the Winter Games from skiing on thawed fish skis to sleeping during sit-ups. Ask your child to pick their favorite thing that Tacky does in the story and draw a picture of it. They can also draw themselves doing the silly things with Tacky. 

If you’re interested in sharing Tacky and the Winter Games with your child you can find it from Houghton Mifflin Company Books here. For more fun reads, please follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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