Super Summer Learning Adventures

Why Summer Reading? 

Reading over the summer helps you keep what you learned in school. It’s like exercising your brain to stay strong! 

Build Home Libraries 

Having books in the home provides children with easy access to a wide range of books and resources, fostering a love of reading and learning that extends beyond the classroom. Research consistently shows that children who grow up in homes with a variety of books tend to perform better academically, develop stronger language and literacy skills, and are more likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education. 

Discover New Worlds

Reading isn’t just for school—it’s also super fun! When you read during the summer, you get to explore exciting new stories and ideas.

The Super Summer Learning Adventures Program (SSLA) activates summer learning in the home and helps prepare children for the school year ahead. 

Join us in empowering families and fostering a love for learning all summer long! 

Families receive: 

• 6-Week Bilingual Family Learning Guide: Equipped with social-emotional tips and learning activities aligned with Kindergarten Readiness and Common Core Standards. 

• Access to Activity Sheets, Read Alouds, Resources, and Videos: Enhance learning experiences with additional resources.