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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social emotional skills play a critical role in the development of relationships and the ability to thrive in school, the workforce and life. They define how we make choices and interact with others. Developing these skills helps children to focus and pay attention in class, to manage their emotions, communicate with others and make friends. Children aren’t born knowing these things. They need to be taught and practiced, at home and at school.

How it Works

Support families reading together at home.

Through this program, children will have access to a curated book collection focused on nurturing their emotional growth. Each book has been handpicked to address specific social emotional needs.

Providing Guidance

Our SEL program provides guidance to adults on how to build dialogue into shared reading with their children and how to incorporate social emotional learning at home. Our wide selection of diverse, bilingual age-appropriate books highlighting diverse cultures, experiences and points of view helps children to connect stories to their own experiences and gain understanding of others.


Meet Ready Freddy

“Ready Freddy” is a real stuffed friend who can be used to guide young children through various emotional experiences. With Ready Freddy by their side, young children can relate to the challenges he faces and learn valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and problem-solving.

Benefits of Ready Freddy:

  • Encourages open discussions about feelings
  • Promotes empathy and understanding
  • Helps children develop problem-solving skills
  • Supports positive social interactions
  • Fosters a love for reading and emotional growth
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