How My Parents Learned to Eat

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun title with your child! 

How My Parents Learned to Eat is appropriate for children age 4 and up.

How My Parents Learned to Eat tells the story of John and Aiko, an American sailor and a Japanese school girl. They meet while John is stationed in Japan and they spend every evening together walking and talking. John would like to ask Aiko to dinner but he is nervous because he does not know how to use chopsticks. Aiko thinks maybe John is not asking her to dinner because she does not know how to use a knife and fork. They each secretly learn how to use the other’s utensils and finally have dinner together.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Sequencing:
How My Parents Learned to Eat is a great story to practice sequencing, putting events in the order which they happened. Have your child tell you what happens first, what comes next, and what happens last. Use words like before, then, after and next to transition between events in the story. By recalling events and characters your child is deepening their engagement with the story.

Do this with your child:
After reading How My Parents Learned to Eat enjoy a meal using a utensil you don’t typically use. Try eating different foods with chopsticks versus a fork and knife. Talk about which foods are easier to use with which utensils and decide if you have a favorite to  use.

If you’re interested in sharing How My Parents Learned to Eat with your child you can find it from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

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