We have a NEW LOOK!

03.14.2023 Featured

Today is a big day for Raising a Reader, as we launch a new brand complete with a new logo. This is the culmination of a several-month process for Raising a Reader, informed by the input of our team, board and Affiliates. 

We combined that input with a robust discovery process to develop a new brand that reflects our evolution as a national organization with three programs. It aligns with our purpose and clearly conveys our community investment philosophy and our vision that every child has the family support and reading skills they need to thrive.   
We invite you to take a moment to learn more on our redesigned website.

This is an exciting time for our organization—our steady growth has brought Raising a Reader to many new places in more states across the US, new teammates, and pushed us in new innovative spaces. You’ll see that it’s not just our logo that is changing. We’ve changed our website, our social media, refined our messaging to better reflect the way we work with and support children, families and all of our amazing partners and investors. 
At Raising a Reader we will continue to live into our mission of supporting families and inspiring the development of literacy skills and a lifelong love for reading to help children attain brighter futures in which they can thrive and contribute in school, the workforce and society.  

Thank you for everything you do to make Raising a Reader a critical partner in creating brighter futures for all children by strengthening family bonds, and continuously striving to create a more equitable future for our children and our communities – regardless of race, culture, language, income or ability.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like more information! Until then, keep an eye on us as we continue our growth. 

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