Super Sand Castle Saturday


FOR THE WEEKEND, share this summer title with your child.

Super Sand Castle Saturday is appropriate for school age children.

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Super Sand Castle Saturday. is a math reader which tells the story of a sand castle building competition between three friends. Larry the lifeguard will be judging sand castles to see who can build the tallest tower, deepest moat, and longest wall. As the kids build, they use their shovels and spoons to measure and compare. But they’re all surprised when Larry the lifeguard brings out his measuring tape. This is a wonderful book form Stuart J. Murphy and Julia Gorton which effortlessly weaves the concept of measurement into a fun story.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Take a Picture Walk:

Before you read Super Sand Castle Saturday a look through the book with your reader, asking them to tell you what they see on each page. Ask about what is in the pictures, where do the kids seem to be, what are they doing, etc. Then as you read, see if the answers they came up with match what’s happening in the story. By engaging with the story before reading, your child will be more interested and engaged as you read together.

Do this with your child:

After you read Super Sand Castle Saturday do some measuring with your reader. Try using different steps, baby steps and giant steps, to measure the hallway and talk about your results. Measure kitchen items like your table or counters using spoons or even bananas. Then bust out a measuring tape and measure each other! You’ll be teaching your reader about the helpfulness of using standardized units of measurement in order to make more accurate comparisons, just like in the story.

If you’re interested in sharing Super Sand Castle Saturday with your child you can find it from Harper Collins Publishing here.

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