El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa / Little Hoo Goes to the Beach


FOR THE WEEKEND, share this summer title with your child.

El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa/Little Hoo Goes to the Beach is appropriate for children of all ages.


El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa/Little Hoo Goes to the Beach. is a bilingual tale that tells the story of a scared owl and his trip to the beach. It is the perfect day to visit the beach but Little Hoo is afraid, the waves are big, the crabs might pinch and the sharks are plentiful. But with encouragement and exploration, Little Hoo discovers that the beach is actually not scary, but fun and exciting! Author Brenda Ponnay’s simple text and bright and bold images pair together perfectly in this summer adventure.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Make Connections:

As you read El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa/Little Hoo Goes to the Beach ask your reader questions about their own experiences at the beach or in a new place. Have they been scared or nervous to try something new? How did they feel after they had their experience? Do they have advice for Little Hoo as he navigates his new adventure? By relating to the characters and the text, your reader will become more engaged in the story and have a more impactful experience overall.

Do this with your child:

After you read El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa/Little Hoo Goes to the Beach in the language that you are more comfortable with go back through and pick out some of the words you would like to learn in the other. Words like beach, ocean and waves are fun to know in any language!

If you’re interested in sharing El Pequeño Hoo Va a la Playa/Little Hoo Goes to the Beach with your child you can find it from Xist Publishing here.

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